Nat Hewitt - fiddle, guitar
  Ginny Snowe - bass
  Larry Unger - guitar, banjo
  Sam Bartlett - mandolin, banjo

Once you've danced to the Reckless Ramblers, you'll be spoiled forever. This is a band brimming with spirited, fun people who are top-drawer musicians to boot. Nat Hewitt provides swing and style while guitar genius Larry Unger pounds out the upbeat. Mr. Stuntology, Sam Bartlett adds his screaming mandolin to the mix, while Ginny Snowe holds it all together on the bass. Their music is high energy, eclectic, and full of surprises. Together, the Reckless Ramblers are a wild and crazy bunch grounded in excellent musicianship and love of the folk tradition.

The Reckless Ramblers are a low-riding, bungee-jumping, stretchy and ferocious contradance band. Between the four of them they have over 100 years of musical experience (and they don't even look old yet!)

They start with the usual ingredients--the old tunes, New England, Irish, French Canadian. They add tunes written by their guitar player, Larry Unger (he's written 1000 tunes, ok?) and their favorite influences--old blues, hot swing, dadaist string gnashing, and it all comes out sweet and hot, flowing and powerful.

This is not any old New England dance band. Nat Hewitt, fiddler and lead guitarist extraordinaire, comes from the epicenter of traditional New England dance, Nelson New Hampshire. Guitarist and waltz king Larry Unger lives in the town Nat grew up in, Lincoln, Massachusetts. Larry also plays five string banjo, slide guitar, and lap-steel. Sam Bartlett and Ginny Snowe are the far flung members of the band, living in Bloomington, Indiana and Bellingham, Washington, respectively. Sam plays reckless mandolin and even recklesser tenor banjo. (He is a United States Fleadh Cheol gold medalist on each). Ginny holds everyone to the law of the groove with her upright bass.

The Reckless Ramblers travel 3000 miles to play together. When they pull into your dance hall or concert stage they deliver the goods. Fresh and dangerous.

                                                             Art by Sam Bartlett

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