Curvy Road to Corinth
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After the Fall
All the Rage
Another Rag
Blind Willie
Blues for Dave
The Curvy Road to Corinth
The Dancer
Dancing Willow Rag
Door County #1
Door County #2
Drinking Alone
Fay & Perran's
Fay's Shower
Foggy Morning Waltz
Four Potatoes
The Gray Days of Autumn
Horace Hanesworth
I Feel Blue
It's Too Hot!
Jolly Jack's Polka
The Judge
Judy and Jim's Wedding
Karen and Charles' Wedding
Last Gasp
Last of Touchstone

Leona Tuttle
Lila, Your Mother's Best Friend
Los Altos Hills
A Lover's Plea
Maggi Peirce
Major Triumph
The Michigander
Mrs. McOwen's March
Mount Misery
Pam's Tune
Pickin' the Berries
Ron and Carol's Wedding
Sara's Waltz
A Serious Waltz
Susie and the Zebra Finch
That Schoenberg Rag
Those Blues
Trip to Trempealeau
Two Rivers
Vals de un Corazon Roto
Waiting on Alison
The Way Back Home

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