Recklesas Ramblers CD Elkins Back Cover

Eden MacAdam-Somer - fiddle, viola, vocals, clogging

Larry Unger - guitar, resonator guitar, banjo, fretless banjo

Sam Bartlett - mandolin

Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg - percussion, banjo uke

Mark Murphy - bass, harmony vocals

Frances Cunnigham - bouzouki, harmony vocals

The Road to Damascus (Virginia) features all of the Notorious regulars (Eden, Larry, Sam, and Mark) with bass, bouzouki and harmony vocals added by Mark Murphy and Frances Cunningham. Notorious stretches even more than before to bring you a vast variety of tunes - original, traditional, Eastern European, and many more surprises!

Copyright © 2010 Larry Unger &
   Eden MacAdam-Somer

1. The Road to Damascus (2:32)
2. Wild Rose of the Mountain (2:52)
3. Sumari's Waltz (4:01)
4. Hora Miresii (4:09)
5. Čaje Šukarije(3:44)
6. Five Miles of Ellum Wood/
Monroe Hall (4:25)
7. Beneath the Stones (4:13)
8. Blues At Daybreak (2:38)
9. Hangman's Reel (3:15)
10. Planxty Eden (4:03)
11. Boatman (2:46)
12. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans (4:53)
13. Door County #2 (5:43)

Larry and Eden MacAdam-Somer form the nucleus of the band Notorious.
Please visit the Notorious Web site for more information about the band.
Keep up to date with Eden, Larry and friends on their myspace page.

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