Recklesas Ramblers CD Elkins Back Cover
Eden MacAdam-Somer - fiddle, vocals
Larry Unger - guitar, banjo
Sam Bartlett - mandolin, jaw harp
Mark Hellenberg - percussion, banjo uke

Elkins features the Notorious duo, trio, and quartet, playing original and traditional songs and tunes. Many audience favorites are on this recording, including more Eastern European music, new songs, hot swing, wild old-time music, and more!

Copyright © 2008 Larry Unger &
   Eden MacAdam-Somer
1. Whiplash/Greasy Coat (3:41)
2. River Falls (4:53)
3. Old Aunt Jenny with Her
Nightcap On/Elkins (4:12)
4. Romanian Train Song (2:47)
5. Gelem, Gelem/Aoleanul
de la Petre┼čti (4:42)
6. You're My Baby Now (3:03)
7. Lissa and Corey/Berkeley Reel (4:01)
8. Oxford Hall/C# Minor (3:50)
9. Henry Reed's Breakdown (2:20)
10. All Night long (5:25)
11. Pickin' the Berries (3:20)
12. Rodeo Clown Rag (3:03)
13. Sarah Jane (2:35)
Dodi Li (3:56)
Jolly Jack's Polka (2:43)
Snow on Deer Mountain (4:15)

Larry and Eden MacAdam-Somer have formed the band Notorious.
Please visit the Notorious Web site for more information about the band.
Keep up to date with Eden, Larry and friends on their myspace page.

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