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Sam Bartlett, Amy Richardson,
Ginny Snowe, and Larry Unger
with Freyda Epstein

"Uncle Gizmo presents an infectious collection of old time hillbilly, Irish, and Scottish flavoured material on their self-titled CD...They jell at every point, rendering the album a supremely attractive affair.."

©1992, Black Socks Press
PO Box 6322 Lincoln, MA 01773

1. Four Potatoes (Larry Unger, BMI)
Catharsis (Amy Cann)
George Booker (trad.) 5:36
2. Two Rivers (Larry Unger, BMI) 4:31
3. Bridget's Back in Town (Larry Unger, BMI)
Rock a Bye Baby (Daniel Steinberg) 5:06
4. The Curvy Road to Corinth (Larry Unger, BMI)
Rockin' Reel (Larry Unger, BMI) 4:39
5. The Brumley Brae (William Macpherson)
Skippin' Cat (Jack Link) 4:27
6. Hangman's Reel (trad.) 3:46
7. The Dancer (Larry Unger, BMI) 3:17
8. The High Part of the Road (trad.)
All the Rage (Larry Unger, BMI) 4:49
9. Jim and Judy's Wedding
(Larry Unger, BMI) 3:33
10. Beth Cohen's (Larry Unger, BMI) 4:12
11. Coleman's March (trad.) 4:40

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