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Larry Unger, Nat Hewitt,
Ginny Snowe, and Sam Bartlett

"...this premier CD showcases their myriad talents and unique style, packed with verve and swing, not to mention humor..."
--CDSS News

"...Their musicianship is extraordinary and they play flawlessly as a unit....The insistent rhythm and improvisational nature along with the loose arrangements create a sound that is spontaneous, but at all times collected, a rare quality in these days of mindless precision."
--Sing Out!

©2001, Black Socks Press
PO Box 6322 Lincoln, MA 01773

1. Fatal Bert (Sam Bartlett)
Bogan's (Larry Unger)
Baker's Favorite (Larry Unger) 3:50
2. The Judge (Larry Unger) 3:54
3. That Sultry Waltz (Larry Unger) 3:47
4. Lowdown Hoedown (Larry Unger)
Elzic's Farewell (trad.) 3:49
5. Glen Echo Jig (Larry Unger)
Robin's Bohdran (Bob McQuillen)
Thingama (Larry Unger) 4:02
6. The Burnt Leg (trad.)
The Long Campaign (trad.) 2:58
7. Steve and Bettie (Larry Unger) 3:44
8. Door County #2 (Larry Unger)
Sweetbriar (Larry Unger) 3:55
9. Paddy on the Internet (Larry Unger) 3:24
10. The Slippery Jig (Larry Unger)
The Green Reel (Sam Bartlett) 3:09
11. La Gima Polka (F. Fazio) 2:49
12. Cumberland (Larry Unger) 4:14
13. Lad O'Beirne's (trad.)
The Phone Call (Larry Unger) 4:33

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