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Jan 13-15 Contra Dance San Luis Obispo, CA Larry with Eden
Jan 28 Contra Dance NYC, NY Larry with
Naomi Morse
Feb 17-19 Dance Flurry Saratoga Springs, NY Larry with Eden
Feb 23-25 Stellar Days & Nights Buena Vista, CO Larry with
Karina Wilson
March Hawaii Tour HI Larry with
Audrey Knuth
Apr 14-15   Monterey, CA Larry
Apr 21-23   Lanstone Cliff, UK Larry with Eden
Apr 28-30   Eastbourne, UK Larry with Eden
May 11-14 Leaf Festival Black Mountain, NC Larry with Eden
May 28
2-4 PM
Concert Old Manse
Concord, MA

Larry with
Juudy Metcalf
May 29 Contra Dance Scout House
Concord, MA
Larry with
Audrey Knuth
June 5 Contra Dance Scout House
Concord, MA
Larry with
Juudy Metcalf
Oct 29,30 Contra Dance Austin TX Larry with Eden
Nov 10,11   London, UK Larry with
Audrey Knuth

Larry and Eden MacAdam-Somer have formed the band Notorious.
Please visit the Notorious Web site for more information about the band.
Keep up to date with Eden, Larry and friends on their myspace page.

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