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More than 200 recordings of Larry's tunes have been made. Here's the list.

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I've had fun playing this blues waltz for dancing the last few years. It will be on my new waltz CD that I am doing with Ginny Snowe, and features great playing by Billy Novick and Annie Raines. Remember to play Leroy's with dotted eighth notes.
Two Rivers is probably the favorite tune of mine that I've written. I wrote it as I sat in a campground overlooking Lake Michigan while playing the banjo. It has been recorded many times. It is on the Waltz Time II CD and was used on the Ken Burns National Parks TV series.
Bugsy was written in 2001 on the mandolin. I purposely tried to write a dance length fiddle tune blues. I had a lot of fun playing this tune with Deb Kirkland on my recent tour of Seattle.
I wrote Jefferson Road on the mandolin while staying at Susie Lorand's house on Jefferson Road in Princeton, NJ.
Who's Responsible was written at a tune writing workshop (in 8 minutes!) at the John C Campbell School in Brasstown NC. led by me. I made a few slight changes in the B part but it was pretty much a group effort
I wrote Cumberland in Portland, ME, which is in Cumberland County and finished it in Ithaca, NY with some help on the chords by Judy Hyman. I wrote it on the banjo, tuned g#EADE.
Baker's Favorite was made up on the guitar during Jim MacConduibh's guitar lesson in Lexington, MA, and named for Elke Baker. It's not really her favorite, but, since I wrote it, I can call it whatever I want.
I wrote Leona Tuttle, a waltz, for my grandmother's 90th birthday.
I wrote Glen Echo Jig in honor of the Glen Echo dance hall near Washington, DC.
For fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld who told me that jigs in E were All The Rage.
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Larry and Eden MacAdam-Somer have formed the band Notorious.
Please visit the Notorious Web site for more information about the band.
Keep up to date with Eden, Larry and friends on their myspace page.

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